Is your CV frustrating the recruiter?

Dear job-seeking candidate, it is so frustrating anytime a recruiter has to think and think before such a recruiter understands any statement or word you wrote on your CV.

This is even the more annoying to a recruiter; that after going over 30 CVs, none of the candidates (including you) seem qualified for the job. Such a recruiter now has to start a fresh CV application process over again.

But here is the truth!

You and some of these candidates are actually qualified for the job.

What then could be the problem?

Very simple! How you wrote your CV.

You see, the aim of a CV is simple – present you to the recruiter as a strong candidate for the job.

And that is what this book,  How to write a job-landing CV, is all about.

When you get this ebook, you would start writing CVs that would always get you invited for interviews.

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Common CV Mistakes Graduate Candidates Make

Here are the 3 top mistakes you, as a graduate candidate, are making on your CV.

Not showing potential

Recruiters know you do not have experience. However, you should write something on your CV that shows you would become “something” in the future, but you do not.

Starting CV your with less relevant sections

A recruiter has very few minutes to read your CV.  Why start the CV with less relevant details like bio-data and soft skills like leadership or teamwork?

Silly mistakes in general

Saving and sending your CV as “Latest CV”, not following application instructions, wrong spellings, among others, are mistakes you are making.

 Common CV Mistake Experienced Candidates Make

Here are the 3 top mistakes you, as an experienced candidate, are making on your CV.

Not showing experience

A recruiter needs to be convinced of your experience. Yet, your job duties on your CV do not list your job achievements. Rather, your CV is just looking like that of a graduate. 

Not listing other areas of expertise

As an experienced candidate, you should be able to fit into other areas of your profession. Yet you do not list them on your CV? Why?

Weak professional summary

As soon as a recruiter opens your CV, there should be a paragraph of 3 – 4 sentences that summarises your career. That way, such a recruiter can take interest in you. Why do you not have that?

Make the move now!!!

Using our ebook, you would learn how to write a CV that would be free of mistakes, and would always get you invited for interviews. The book will also teach you how to write powerful cover letters.

Pages from the book, “How to write a job-landing CV”

Here are some snapshots from the book.

Why I wrote the book

I wrote from experience, I mentioned it in the book.

I also wrote from common sense. I mean, as a recruiter consulting for a company, it makes no sense for me to repeat the CV submission process because all the CV earlier submitted were not suitable.

So it would be a thing of joy for me if most CVs I receive are very suitable for the job opening.

What the book would teach you

The book has 4 chapters of 93 pages.

You would learn what a CV and cover letter is. You would learn what to do to make your CV stand out.

In the end, we would do a CV together, and most importantly, you would get to know what recruiters are always looking for in candidates.


New CV writing skills

I would walk you through the things you must always write in your CV, as well as the things you must never write.

After reading this book, you would stop saving your CV as “Latest CV”. Instead, you would start saving like this, “CV for Enoch Olisa”.

New cover letter writing skills

You would learn how to write a powerful cover letter. So powerful, that the recruiter may not need to go through your CV.


How to make your CV stand out

As graduates, of course without experience, I would show you how to demonstrate potential, which is what the recruiter is looking for in you.

As experienced candidates, I would teach you how to show that you have the competence needed for the job.

Optimising your CV for the ATS

Never heard of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? Never mind.

I would tell you about it, and what to do to make sure your CV is always selected by it.


How to write a CV from the scratch

Very importantly, we would write a CV from the scratch.

In the ebook, I would also teach you how to edit the CV (which we just wrote) for a new job application.



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