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As a candidate applying for a job, before submitting your CV for that job opening, always confirm if you need to update it. Here are 4 reasons why you should.

To suit the format required by the job opening

The job opening may require your CV to be in a certain format.

At times, the recruiter may want your CV in PDF instead of document format. Some may want your CV written in a particular way or to have certain information. Update it to suit the format or have the information before you send it.

To add new experience

You may have gained new experience on your current job. Maybe, your current employer recently added new tasks to your role which you have started doing.

So before sending your CV for a job opening, it is wise you add the new experience gained to it.

To remove redundant information

As you grow in your career, some information on your CV becomes redundant and may start consuming space.

For instance, you may want to reduce the length of your CV from 3 pages to 2 pages after you realize your youth service (NYSC) job is no longer relevant in helping you land a new job. You surely can remove it to free up space.

Information like old addresses, date of birth, qualifications that are not needed again can also be removed to manage space.

To wear a new look

At times, you may just have a feeling your CV looks boring or unexciting. Don’t joke with that feeling.

It means you need to update or rewrite the CV all over again. If you, the owner of the CV, can have such feeling, now put yourself in the place of the recruiter who would read it when you apply for a job with it.

So there we go; 4 good reason to update your CV. Please share this post if you found the information useful.



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Your friends would need this. Please share!!!