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As a graduate open to jobs, you see an opening, you read the description and you feel you are a good fit, so you send your curriculum vitae (CV). Weeks and months pass, and you don’t hear from the hr recruiters. Apparently, you were not successful in that application.

It could also be that this keeps happening to other jobs you apply to; you’re usually not called for the second stage, yet you fit the job description – fresh graduate without experience.

So what is most likely wrong with you?

Here is it – you are not demonstrating you have potential on your CV.

What is potential

Now, as a graduate with little or no job experience, what the HR recruiter is looking for in you is potential.

Potential means “having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future”.

How to show you have potential

How then can you show you have potential on your CV? You can show do that in these areas;

  • If you have work experience, even it is not relevant to the job, list it, with all the tasks that you did on that job. If you recorded any major achievement on that job, also list it.
  • Class of degree, educational awards or positions held also show potential. If you had 1st class degree, please list it. If you won an award or held any position in school, list them under the relevant sections of your CV.
  • Also, if your undergraduate final year project thesis was very significant or is related to the job, please mention it and state the significance.
  • Let us say you studied Psychology for your Bachelor’s degree and your final year project was titled “The mindset of serial banking loan defaulters”. Imagine you are applying for a bank job, this research topic would be relevant to the job and would be a major selling point if you list it on your CV.

You can also list awards won, competitions attended, conferences attended, positions held, or training completed. These also show the potential to compete, learn, lead, and grow.

Now, open your CV and edit. Thanks for reading.



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Your friends would need this. Please share!!!