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Very important question a lot of candidates may not able to answer.

The goal of a Resume is to attract the attention of the recruiter or employer enough to invite you for an interview.

Let’s put it another way.

The goal of your Resume is to market you so much that the recruiter feels you are a potential fit for the job.

Now, hear this!! What a Recruiter looks for in the Resume of a graduate is different from that of an experienced candidate.

In a graduate, the Recruiter is looking for potential. As a graduate, it is expected that the candidate does not have much experience. Most likely, such candidate would be fresh from school and maybe have only Industrial Training and NYSC experience.

So when preparing a Resume, the candidate should dwell on sections that show strong potential, that is ability to learn fast on the job and add value in the shortest time. Such sections are Skills (Software especially), Education with class of degree (1st class or Second class upper grades should be added), Volunteer/Leadership Positions held in the past (Say things you achieved here), Certifications or Training attended that are relevant to the job.

In an experienced candidate, the Recruiter is looking for experience. It is expected the candidate has worked for years on the same or related role being applied for.

So when preparing a Resume, the candidate should dwell on sections that show ability to deliver results and/or lead teams. Such sections are Experience (Please mention achievements on each job; they could be results you got, teams you led, ideas your gave and so on), Skills (Disciplines in your job or field you have experience in and software you can use). If you have Certifications and Training, you can add them. But trust me, Experience and Skills are the most important sections on the Resume of an experience candidate.

Feel free to visit our Resume Gallery to see how the Resume for an experience candidate looks like.

And then, kindly take your Resume and begin to amend it.

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