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A sure way to hear about a job opening (and get it) is to hear it directly from someone.

Let me put it another way.

There are some job openings that would only be announced to some people that roll in some certain circles.

Take a local or statewide company for instance. The owner and Managing Director, say is a pastor in a church. It is also most likely that he’s an active member of the church. Maybe a member of finance committee or ushers.

Now, as soon as a job opening arises(and they frequently do), the first thing that comes to his head how to fill such opening. In his thought’s he’ll be like “Who do I know that can fill such position at short notice”. He starts thinking which of his church friends’ kids, group members or extended family member and professional friends can fill such an opening.

So you can see. If you do not belong to his circle, you won’t hear about it.

Let us now imagine you’re his friend so he tells you, and then, you don’t need it. What do you do? You start thinking of who you know that may need the job.

A while ago, a lady called me. She said she needed to recruit 2 teachers, a school administrator, an accountant and a sales person. I spoke with someone immediately who was in my circle, an accountant. She was in a job and didn’t need this one. I asked if she knew any fellow accountant who needed one. She said no.

I also know someone who works with a top telecoms firm in Nigeria. She got her job through a referral. That is she knew someone who knew someone. The job wasn’t advertised to the public.

That’s how it works, pals.

You need to know someone who knows someone. You need to roll with or be in a certain environment to hear about some jobs.

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Your friends would need this. Please share!!!