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Before opening your resume

Sending your resume in the wrong format – If a job application specifies the format your resume should be in, please use that format. As a human resources recruiter, I prefer candidates send me their resume in PDF when I am screening manually. This is because of the e-mail reader I use; I don’t need to download the resume. I can just open, read it in the browser, and make a decision. However, for a resume in Word format, I would have to download the resume. Imagine downloading tons and tons of resumes.

Also, some Application Processes use Automated Systems for scanning resumes. If the candidate does not send the resume in the required format, the system won’t pick it. Whose loss?

Saving your resume not using your name – Please do not save and send your resume as “New CV” or “Latest CV”. Save it bearing your name; “Enoch Olisa’s Resume”, “CV for Enoch Olisa”. Nothing is as annoying as downloading tons of resumes, and not know which is for who, without having to open it. Even more annoying when the recruitment manager or hr recruiter has to help a candidate re-save the resume using the candidate’s name.

After opening your resume

Resume being too long – A resume should be concise and straight to the point. Avoid long resumes of 4 pages and so on. A recruiter has tons of other resumes to look at. A long resume is a turn-off especially if it is for a graduate or entry-level job.

Starting your resume with non-critical sections – Do not start your resume with sections such as such as bio-data, contact information. Start with personal profile, skills, and experience.

Not communicating to be understood – Using words that are not easily understood. Use simple words or words that are job-related. Use short sentences too.

Not demonstrating you are a good fit for the job you applied for – In your experience, state your job duties. Use technical words in your field. If you have job achievements, state them. If it is a portfolio-based job like Architecture, Graphic Design, and so on, please attach your portfolio.

After reading your resume

No contact information, phone number not going through or not replying e-mail – So they have gone through your resume, they like it and are contacting you. Your phone numbers are not going through. So annoying! Make sure you are using a reliable phone service provider. If you have more than one phone number, make sure they are reachable. Always check your e-mails; both inbox and spam.

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