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To me, the “Career Objective” section on your resume or CV is very useless and wastes space.

I say this both as a human resources recruiter who has consulted for companies and as a business owner.

Most HR recruiters would never recruit you because of what you want to be or achieve in your career.

Rather, they recruit you because of who you are and the skills you already have.

Now see these two and see that CV

Career Objective: I wish to work in an organization where I can contribute in a meaningful way while growing and becoming a better person.

Personal Profile: I have 2 years of experience in planning sales, meeting sales targets and managing resellers. I’m very outgoing, friendly and can work in teams or alone.

Which makes more sense at the top of a Resume/CV? 

Demo Resume Design for a Logistics Attendant


So what do you do now”?

Open your CV now and replace that “Career Objective” section with “Personal Profile”. 

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Your friends would need this. Please share!!!