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1. Preparing for Graduate Test

A good-paying job is always competitive.

An example is a Bank Graduate Trainee job. When such a bank advertises for the role, they need only about 40 – 100 graduates which would be trained at the bank training school. Yet over 10,000 would be invited for the test. Do the maths.

Such a bank would usually have 2 stages of the Graduate Test. Stage 1 would cut down about 9,000 graduates. Stage 2 would cut off about 700 or more. The remaining candidates would now be invited for an interview, which would also be in stages.

As a fresh graduate, you should be preparing keenly to scale this stages. 100 out of 10,000 mean that for every 1 graduate the bank would employ, 99 others would be dropped. Now, you see.

Prepare well! You can use our recruitment test app or you can get other materials such as books on GMAT.

2. Rewriting their CV to sell their skills under 5 seconds of a Recruiter reading it.

At the interview stage, a perfect and well-written CV is the bomb.

I have seen cases where the Interview Panel would just abandon their Interview Template and pick a good point on the CV and start interviewing the candidate on it.

Having such a CV cannot be overemphasized. A good CV is one in which the recruiter reading it can decide quickly if you are a good fit under a few seconds of reading it. It should have relevant sections, coherent sentences that convey meaning, and most importantly, it should mention your selling points.

3. Learning how to answer interview questions.

Can we meet you? Don’t say your name and stop. That’s a weak answer. They already know your name.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? Being the MD of the company. Haba now!!! While it’s okay to aspire to be the MD, there are better ways of saying it.

You need to learn when to answer a question in a few, short sentences without explaining and then when to explain or describe at length.

There are tons of materials that you can use to learn how to answer interview questions. Please get one.

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Your friends would need this. Please share!!!