Not getting invited for interviews?

5 seconds is all it takes for a recruiter or employer to look at your resume and decide whether you should be invited for an interview or not.

If your resume is good and well written, it should be able to capture the attention of such recruiter or employer.

A good resume should have certain industry keywords at the top so that the recruiter/employer would know the roles you can fit into.

A well written resume should also have strong selling points. As a professional, strong selling points are not just years of experience, but results, completed projects or awards you have gained over those years.

Remember, you’re are being hired to get results.

At EdQuipa, we take your current black and white resume, and then transform it into a blend of colours that would capture the attention of any recruiter or employer reading it.

From your profile, to your skill set, up to your job experiences, we will rewrite your current resume to a new one that would present you as the candidate to be interviewed and then hired.

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What you get

So if you are a graduate or professional wanting to get a better job in your industry or looking to switch industries, we can help you.

Visualised Resume

We would not only make your selling points stand out. Your rewritten resume would also be colourful and exciting.

Cover Letter

You also get a cover letter. You copy and paste the cover letter in the body of the job application e-mail.


Your rewritten and visualized resume and cover letter would be  in .doc format. You can always edit as you desire.


To get your Resume/CV rewritten and a Cover Letter, it would cost a one-off payment of N10,000.  You also get our Job App for free.

Ready in 5 Days

Your rewritten resume/CV would be ready 5 working days from the date of payment and receipt of your current resume.

Free Job App

For free, you get our EdQuipa Job App. The app has Interview Study Materials and GMAT-type questions.

Your resume needs an uplift!!!

And we are the best to help you do just that. What are you waiting for? Send us you current CV now.

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